Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fearless knitting

Reading around the knitting community, I can see that Fearless Knitting has been a big thing for 2008. I know we are already well into 2009, but it was interesting to look back over my work for the last year and discover whether or not I was a fearless knitter. I think its fair to say that yes, I was - since I really only got back into knitting last April! But here's a little list of what I conquered (in no order):

  • Picking up and knitting stitches - for the sleeves on the baby vests
  • Cables on my cabled cap
  • Working circular needles! This was my big one, it took so long to figure out how it worked!
  • Working a heel in flat knitting - for the mini christmas stockings
  • Creating a button band - for the Presto Chango
  • Magic loop method - for the sleeves on the Sassy cardigan
  • Kitchener stitch - for the hood of the Wallaby sweater (wrong the first time, but right the second time!)

I think that's a good effort for just one year of knitting! I have therefore awarded myself this badge, courtesy of Knitting Daily:

Goals for 2009 include working more with lace, perhaps trying fair isle and more colourwork, knitting my first pair of real socks that I can wear, and finishing at least one project per month from my stash, so i'm not left with a huge pile of WIPs!

Were you a fearless knitter in 2008? What are your goals for 2009?


Karen said...

Wear that badge with pride - you definitely earned it.

2BSewing: said...

If I knew this badge existed, I would have awarded it to you. I looked at your 2008 knitting projects post and your projects are awesome! You're an inspiration to knitters.

BTW...I agree with you about the circulars. I haven't knitted in the round, but just doing the straight back and forth...took me awhile to get used to. Now, I love circulars.

Keep up the great work that you do...Susan

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