Friday, September 04, 2009

To market we go...

Things are all ready for the big craft day tomorrow! Unfortunately I can't be there as I have prior commitments, but i'm looking forward to seeing photos of the stall all set up. Its exciting!

For those of you who haven't looked on my Flickr, Twitter or Facebook pages, here's what I had all ready to go:

Tote bags

Neck cozies

Click here to view the full set of images on Flickr

Everything has a little swing tag with my contact details and care instructions, as well as a hand-sewn-in label*. Despite it being a pain to do^, it was actually alot of fun and very rewarding. I hope this fair will be a good start to my little business.

For those of you who are interested, I do have a website for Celastrina Creations which will soon be stocked with some of the other things i've made to sell. In the near future I will be putting up listings for custom orders of tote bags and neck cozies. If you'd like to be first to know about when new items are listed, you can become a member of the site to join the mailing list. Feel free to sign the guestbook while you're there too! Click the logo below to get to it.

~Happy crafting!~

* the reason for my recent lack of sleep - I was getting into bed about midnight most nights for the last week...
^ literally - I have scars on my fingers from my sewing needle - I should really get a thimble!!


Karen said...

You stuff all looks so pretty!! I predict it will all see out fast. Great job!!

2BSewing: said...

Well done! Cute neck cozies. Great website! I know you'll do well. ;)

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