Monday, June 08, 2009

Belated FO #10 and a photo gallery!

I took a photo at a work meeting the other day of our members (its to be put up on our website) and when I was uploading the photo today I realised that there were heaps of other photos I haven't uploaded!

So, I give you a belated FO post - my mothers day present (yes, its been that long!):

misc 193

I haven't seen it used so far, but i'm sure its somewhere being treasured :) I think if I was to do another one of these I would (get the right cotton to start with, so it wasn't so stiff! and...) do the image in a different colour, so it stands out more. Maybe its just the cotton I used, but its hard to see the design. Oh well, it was a good learning curve and as always, a great pattern from KrisKnits! My only change was to make it mUm rather than mOm.

Here's a gallery of the other photos on my camera - just some goings-on in my life over the past month:

Photo gallery

Row 1: Bec baking (they were yummy melting-moment cookies that she stuck together with melted chocolate, they were amazing!); Mum catching some z's at the airport while waiting for the shuttle (they had just come back from my great-uncle's funeral in Melbourne); enjoying a Krispie Kreme glazed donut!! (you can't get them here, so I have a special standing order whenever someone comes back from Oz!)

Row 2: Cobber pretending he's a bunny rabbit; taking a break from packing and sorting out clothes; Dad and I after the Noise conference (a worship led by Henry Seely of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, aimed at worship leaders - it was really good)

Row 3: The sunrise from my office window (catching the train to work gets me there really early!); Dad showing off his jelly-slurping technique at the chinese restaurant (mine needs a little work...); hoodies and pj bottoms seemed the order of the day!

Row 4: Enjoying my newly set-up bedroom; my baking skills (they were little lemon tea cakes - very tasty, and only took about half an hour in total!); Dad and I discussing the option of getting a Wii from the EB sale to replace our PS2 while waiting to meet Bec for lunch (well, I was trying to convince Dad anyway, I don't think it worked...)

So there you go - a little catch-up from me.

As for knitting, i'm still working on a bag to go with my other projects for my friend's craft roadshow next month, which will also end up on my website, so once that's done I can get back to Buttony.

~Happy knitting!~

PS - I'd really love to do a book review again sometime soon, but I haven't read anything since finishing the Twilight series (i'm catching up on podcasts again) and all my books are still boxed up in the garage! But watch this space for something soon.


2BSewing: said...

Cute Mother's Day cloth!

Enjoyed your pics. I think we still have the original Krispie Kreme shop somewhere in Virginia. I just love their glazed donuts. Glad you are able to enjoy one. Of course, you pic says it all. ;)

BTW...nice digs. ;)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

The Twilight series... I knowww I have to read it because everyone's been talking about it for years. But I'm so afraid of getting wrapped up into it! I think I will before the summer ends though :) Those pictures are great! I love how the lemon tea cakes look. And I am definitely trying to convince Matt that we need a Wii, so feel ya there!!!

ps-- kattanic; hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a sweet dishcloth! You're right, it would look stunning in two colours! And those biscuits look AMAZING! *drool*

Karen said...

Bet your mom loves it so much, she can't bear to use it. :)

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