Monday, April 20, 2009

2009: FO #9

Ok, this isn't knitting, but its still an FO for 2009!

Flower Power apron

365 007

This is made from an old teatowel from the Family Store, and an old pillow case cut and sewn up for the ties. Its not adjustable, but it fits me fine. I see more of these in my future...

Coming up...

A book review on The Contest, Monday Meal Madness restaurant review, and FO pictures of Fireman Sam - I managed to sew his hat on this weekend, so all that's left now is to embroider his face and finish his belt buckle and buttons.

~Happy knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

Nice apron! I assume when you mentioned the straps were were able to use your new sewing machine for that. You did a great job with your unique apron. :)

Trina said...

Thanks! Yep, it was time to dust off the machine, and I even remembered how to thread it and wind the bobbin, after not using it since January!

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