Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun FOs

Just playing a little catch-up here with some FOs that you haven't seen before, and some you have, but this is a different view... read on, you'll see!

Ok first, I need to introduce you to Fireman Sam. He's been finished for a while, but since he was snaffled away so quickly, I forgot about him meeting you before he left!

Fireman Sam mosaic
(Click to see it big) Playing 'oops'; Time for dinner; Movies and chocolate

I believe he enjoyed his recent trip to Australia, and is soon off to the States!

Another recent FO is my awesome cowl:

misc 232

I brought one ball of yarn at Easter and knit this up in a few hours - sadly it wasn't long enough to make the scarf I wanted, but i've worn it nearly every day since! Its nice on its own in the office, and super snuggly under my winter coat.

And now, my favourite part. You'll remember a while ago I made a garter yoke cardi with little matching beanie for a friend's baby. Well - I present to you Noah wearing my gift!

Isn't he gorgeous!

~Happy knitting!~


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that fireman is freaking adorable! I really think I want to start getting into knitting/crocheting dolls. And the baby set? PERFECT!

Karen said...

Cuteness overload today!!!! That baby is just the sweetest thing ever. He looks so handsome in his hand-knits. And Fireman Sam is adorable. :)

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Cute FOs. I especially love the beanie and cardi on the baby. He's sooo adorable and even more so with the beanie and cardi you made. So cute!

Trina said...

Thanks everyone!

2BSewing: said...

Wow! Fireman Sam is just too cool! You do excellent knitting. Great colors you used for the doll. You look fantastic in your cowl. Love the colors on you. Is it by chance a moebius-type cowl?

Cute baby & cute cardi. :) You are reminding me that I need to get my baby gift done. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

the absolutely adorable baby picture at the bottom has left me mostly speechless. CUTE!!! and the cowl is awesome too :)

Kym said...

OMG- he's SO cute!!

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