Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009: FO #5

knitting 034

I made a hat. I was sitting on the couch on Saturday night depressed that I couldn't go to the Carnival after all, and as i'd just finished the puppy sweater, I needed an instant gratification project to cheer me up. Since i'd done my stash clean up earlier in the day I knew I had some Sean Sheep Armytage lying around, which i'd set aside for this pattern, so I thought why not go for it! I'm pleased to say that it did cheer me up - I did all but the last three sets of decreases on Saturday night, and finished it off in 20 minutes on Sunday morning - super fast project! Thanks to Sarah-Hope Parmeter for this fantastic free pattern! (link above)

Check out how the colours came together. I love the way the decreases look on the crown!

knitting 033

PS - the photos look so much better when they're bigger - click on them to see!


2BSewing: said...

Fantastic! I also love how the decreases created a natural pattern. The yarn you used is beautiful. Nice job!

Catherine said...

So cute! I love tams.

Trina said...

Thanks guys!
Susan: I've never knit with varigated yarn before, it was fun to see the stripes emerging!
Catherine: I'd never even heard of tams before I found this project, but I see many more in my future :)

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