Monday, August 03, 2009

Photo gallery (part 1)

Guess what - I remembered to bring my camera to work today! So, I present the long-awaited photo gallery of what i've been working on lately - in two parts, to save you a bit of uploading time. Sorry for all the mosaics - i've been playing around with Picasa, and I love that it fits all the photos together in one rather than uploading heaps! Have a look at my Flick photostream to see them in more detail, or click to see them bigger.

Knitting projects
Do you remember that shawl I was making? Well, its all finished. I sat down one afternoon and sewed on the fringe, then finally got up the guts to take it off the blocking wires. Unfortunately my cast off was far too loose (I started doing it tightly and then thought against it because I didn't want it to pucker at the top, but I should have left it!) so it curls a fair bit at the top when worn, and it could have been much longer, but its done, and i'm pleased overall. This will go up for sale on my website one that's up and running.

I like to try and fit in some small charity items between big projects, just because its fun and goes to a good cause. My 'tween project this time was another puppy jumper - this time for a little boy puppy, and in a lovely green colour - closer to the first picture than the others, it didn't photograph so well in the daylight. Its now down at the SPCA being put to good use in this cold weather!

This pattern [Rav link] for little converse booties is definately now my favourite pattern. I made a purple pair for our finance manager who had a baby girl, and another secret pair that can now be revealed! They were for Noah, as a gift from our church for his thanksgiving service.

Boy, did this project cause me some headaches! The first one I made was super huge (will be stuffed as a Christmas decoration I think!) so I modified the pattern a little and changed needles to make it more the right size. That was the first blue one. I then went on to make the purple ones, as they were needed quickly, with a different weight yarn and slightly bigger needles. Unfortunately, I didn't note down what needles I used for which, so when I made the second blue one with the bigger needles, and didn't realise until I went to sew them up on Friday night that one was bigger than the other! Did you know - you can make a whole new bootie, in the right size and including seaming, in the same time it takes for the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice to run? [ETA: here's my review of the book!] Felt stars were sewn on on Saturday, and mum helped me make the laces (I'm still getting my head around how she did it, but i'm hoping she can teach me!) so that by Saturday afternoon they were stuffed and ready to gift for Sunday morning. And they were well recieved :) [ETA - the yarn I used for the blue one was Moda Vera Cup Cake - a lovely soft worsted weight yarn - if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it! It feels far too soft to be nylon/acrylic...]

That's it for now - stay tuned for part two, what else i've been up to, and what i've got coming up!

~Happy knitting!~


Karen said...

Wow, you have been busy. Those little sneaker booties are so cute. And I think the photo collages are a great way to show us everything!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! That shawl looks amazing, and I love how you used the foam puzzle pieces for a blocking board! I remember those from when I worked in a daycare. You have to get some pics of a wee doggie wearing that jumper! That's another x-mas project lined up for me!

Rachel said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Those sneaker booties are ADORABLE!!!! Next up on my knitting agenda is to do the same sweater (St. James) again in chocolate brown Caron Simply Soft.

2BSewing: said...

Your shawl came out beautiful! It's perfect with the fringe.

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