Thursday, August 06, 2009

Photo gallery (part 2)

More photos and information about what i've been up to lately...

There's been some baking - lemon tarts with homemade lemon butter filling:

And, of course, my puppy is as cute as ever:

I've also done some sewing. This little bag was gift wrapping for my sister's birthday present. I'm hoping she can come up with something else creative to use it for! I used up some of the fabric I got at the easter fair earlier this year, and used some of my ribon yarn for the drawstring, with a couple of beads tied to the end, and a felt star sewn on for good luck. She has a thing for red :)

Current knitting
Buttony is still festering away in the corner of my room... but I have a couple of new projects in process at the moment. The first is Verity [Rav link] - a beret pattern from the very clever Ysolda, which i'm using with my Artyarns supermerino yarn. I totally love this project - the yarn and the pattern are working really well together, and the colours are coming out well.

misc 301

The only problem is that I have two skeins of this yarn - i've used up the first one, but the second one is still packed in a box in the garage from when I moved! I've had a quick look through the boxes but its not jumping out at me, so i'll have to wait a little longer until I can fully unpack the boxes. Its a real shame, the weather is perfect for a beret at the moment!

I've also started on the Baby Surprise Jacket [Rav link] again - this time with the assistance of some very helpful videos I came across on YouTube through the BSJ group on Ravelry.

Day one progress - Baby Surprise Jacket
Day one progress - Baby Surprise Jacket

I don't think I would have got this far if not for these videos - its hard to figure out the deal with the markers if you just look at the pattern (well, it was for me, anyway!) - so if you're thinking about making this I highly recommend the vids as a starting point. Its my new lunchtime project, and its super easy so far - i'd say advanced beginner, once you figure out where the markers go. Its plain knitting all the way, with simple double increases and decreases, and very little seaming at the end - just along the shoulders. Its kinda like knitted origami, from the look of it. The M1s in the pattern look a little tricky, but the videos explain them too.

I'm also working on a simple baby beanie, using up some lovely baby merino from my stash, but that's coming along very slowly - its on DPNs, and i'm yet to figure out how to avoid the runs between the needles - any assistance would be gratefully accepted!

That's about it from me for the moment, although I do have a few quotes to catch up on for next time, and there will be another MMM soon - Wellington's having a special restaurant deal with cheap lunch menus for a couple of weeks in August, we just have to decide which one to pick...

~Happy knitting!~


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a cute doggie! I hope that doggie jumper was for him, can't wait to see him in it! Also, VERY cute baby jacket. Why to the little people always get the cutest outfits?

Karen said...

Oh my diet willpower would be seriously cursing you for posting those tarts if not for the fact that I'm not a fan of lemon flavored sweets. Phew!! Your puppy is adorable. And I know your sister will find the perfect use for that cute little bag. Looks like your Baby Surprise Jacket is coming along well!!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

I always prefer the knitting videos if I have to learn something new. I have serious trouble reading instructions if I've never done that type of stitch/pattern before!

Lemon tarts look AMAZING! And of course your puppy does look like a cuuutie.

2BSewing: said...

I love the beret and the Artyarns is a perfect choice. Great colors.

Thanks for including the BSJ videos. Will be very helpful!

Cute pup!

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