Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun in Winter

Its rare to have a beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter here, so we made the most of it on the weekend and went up the coast to our beach house for the day on Saturday.

Waiterere Beach 08/08/09
Waiterere Beach 08/08/09
Waiterere Beach 08/08/09
Waiterere Beach 08/08/09

As you can see it was a perfect day - not a cloud in the sky, a little cold but not windy. There were plenty of people on the beach - only a couple swimming - and it was nice to go for a walk in the sand. I can't wait for the real summer!

Knitting progress
It takes about an hour to get to there, so I got a good dose of knitting done in the car on the way. This is my progress on the Baby Surprise Jacket as of Sunday night:

Baby Surprise Jacket
Baby Surprise Jacket

I've definately got the hang of the pattern now. I've cast off the stitches for the neck, and i'm about to put the sides on a holder needle while I add to the length. Here's what it looks like folded up so far:

Baby Surprise Jacket

For all my worrying at the start, it turns out its a really easy project! I'm definately going to try it again with some nicer wool, this acrylic is getting a little hard on my hands, but its good to try it out.

Thanks for the comments on my last couple of posts! Sadly I can't respond to each of your comments, I'm not set up for that, but I do read them all and they make me smile :) Leeshie - thanks for the comment about the puppy jumper - they go to the SPCA, and i'm working to get a photo of their puppies wearing the jumpers, which should be really cute! I haven't made one for my dog because I don't think he'd like it that much, but I may make one just to see...

~Happy knitting!~


Anonymous said...

It's great seeing how your baby jacket is coming along- very clever pattern to fold the jacket up like that. And you coast looks so much like my old Northern Californian one- just minus the giant rocks/boulders of death jetting out from the sea.


2BSewing: said...

Nice beach pictures! Looks so peaceful. Glad to hear you took a break to enjoy. Love the family pic!

Your baby surprise jacket is turning out nicely. Great color! I have a friend, who works at the same LYS, attempt the this jacket. She was showing me the "oragami" trick...which I still haven't gotten my mind wrapped around the technique. I'm sure if I knitted one, I would have the "aha!" moment. Great job with tackling this project. ;)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

Horray for a no-cloud day!! Love those!!

Jacket looks great!!! Love when the pattern gets easy with practice, makes everything feel so much faster!

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