Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finally, the bag!

Bag, originally uploaded by Ballatrina2008.

This is the bag that I designed and made up - its knitted ribbon sewn to a soft canvas lining, with two i-cords for the handle. The main sections are strengthed with a sheet of plastic mesh. The base and sides were hand-stitched on because the thickness of all the fabric was too much for my little machine! The size is about that of an A4 sheet of paper, just a little smaller.

After taking it out once to test it (as you do!), I discovered I need to strengthen the handles as well, perhaps with some fishing line, so that the ribbons don't stretch with the weight in the bag. It also needs some way of keeping it closed - just a snap button I think.

Overall a fun process :)


2BSewing: said...

Your bag is fabulous! The color is perfect. BTW, you could also use button thread or upholstery thread to strengthen the handles to the bag. Just a thought. :)

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