Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where to from here?

Looking back on some of my last posts, I seem to have mentioned a few things i'm working on and what i'd like to do coming up. I thought i'd give you a proper update, as I think I have things cleared up a bit now - the wonders of a stash tidy up!
Earlier I mentioned i'd been working on this Fern Glade beret. I'd only done the first couple of rounds of ribbing, but as I needed the cable for my blue tam, I ripped out that project. I do plan on starting it again soon though.

I also mentioned that I seperated pre-determined yarn and matched it with their projects so they are ready to pick up and go. There are two in particular that i'm dying to start - the Buttony Sweater in red Gedifra (left), and the Wicked sweater by Zephyr in light blue Patons Soft Haze (below).

Also prepared in my Ravelry queue are the Coffee tunic in Taeri Plains 8ply, a Clapotis in Patons Smoothie DK, Thermal in Elle Pure Gold, as well as the obligitory Central Park Hoodie in London Tweed. Too many to choose from!

Also sitting in the back of my head is more charity work - the preemie baby stuff for the Wellington Hospital, more puppy jumpers, and squares for Casa Kiwi blankets. I also promised my sister that I would make her a little Fireman Sam toy (yes, she's 22, but it brings back good memories!) and she leaves for her big trip soon and i'd like to get that done before she goes.

In the meantime, the ribbon x-back top is staring at me from my WIP pile... I'm not sure that i'm so keen on it any more, but i'm determined to finish it anyway. That will be my next project out of the way! (Just in the interest of updating, i'm choosing to forget about Talia for the moment, but I know its still there!)

Common sense and practical thinking tell me that since the Thermal pattern has been in my queue the longest, that's the next big project I should start on. The other part of my head says that Buttony has been on there almost as long, and that's in chunky so it will go faster! So that's what i'll do - Buttony then Thermal.

Don't hold me to that though, the mind is a crazy thing that changes more than this weird Wellington weather...

~Happy knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

Don't worry, I won't say a word if you start shifting gears on your knitting projects.

All I can say is...Wow! I'm so looking forward to seeing your end products and future posts. No pressure at all. :)

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