Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Buttony begins

project 365 knit

I got started on this last night - it took a while to figure out how the sizing worked (its only written for size M, and i'm a size S) - i'm still not sure i'm on the right track as the collar looks smaller than I would like, so there's a definate possibility that I will start again with a different cast on number! I love the colour though, and the yarn is lovely to use :)

Ballatrina's Books

I was thinking the other day that I haven't had an update on when i'm reading for a while - and that's because I haven't been reading anything! I've become obsessed with listening to podcasts on the bus. I'm fully up to date with Ready, Set, Knit, the podcast from the awesome team at WEBS, and now i'm listening my way through the Cast On podcast - which is great so far, a little longer than RSK, but it plays full tracks between the talking, which is a good mix. If you have an iPod I recommend you check these out - I found them through a search of 'knitting' on iTunes (yes, yes, i'm obsessed, we know this!)

Quote of the week

Another quote from the Yarn Harlot's page-a-day calendar:

"If you're crazy, there's two things you can do to make yourself feel better: One is to get yourself cured. The other is to make everyone you have to deal with crazy."
- Alan Dean Foster

Stephanie's response to that puts it into knitterly context:

"This is the reason every knitter tries to teach everyone she knows to knit... or at least suggests that they should try it."
~Happy knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

Nice yarn! I love the color. It looks like it's a joy to knit with. Can't wait to see your final garment. :)

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