Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday Meal Madness, and new books!

The end of an era - we had our last Monday Meal Madness this week. Bec is off on her big trip in a couple of weeks, and Shorty is off to Oz before that. We decided to try a cheap new Thai place for our last time out - A-Roy Thai Restaurant in Cuba Mall - and it was great! I'd been there a few days before and had my standard chicken satay skewers (and they were fab, definately makes my top 10 for Wellington satay! Shorty had them this time) so I tried something different this time around, chicken and mushroom with rice. Bec had the chicken cashew which was tasty too.

Monday Meal Madness - A-Roy Thai restaurant

Overall highly recommended if you want something quick and tasty with great prices! I believe they do takeaway too, must try that one night. (And for dessert, of course, we ended up back at BK again for their chocolate pie. A good end to a good night.)

I promised I would do another book reivew soon, and I have good news! While we were still in town and waiting for a ride home we popped into Arty Bees Books for a look around (by far the greatest second-hand book store in Wellington!) and I picked up some new books to read:

misc 252

A real mix - Pride & Prejudice, 7th Heaven, Les Miserables, and Violets are Blue. I've started reading P&P in my spare time, and so far i'm finding Mr Bennet has a most agreeable sense of humor! I can see why people enjoy Jane Austen :) So look forward to my review on that one in a few weeks. Not sure what to read next though, perhaps Violets are Blue? The size of Les Miserables is putting me off a little, although I was inspired to buy after watching my old high school perform it as their latest production - its been years since I first saw it, but they did a brilliant job!

Up next: some more FO pictures!

~Happy knitting!~


Sarah, The New Girl said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of P&P! That book is on my "You NEED to Read These" list :) Have never heard of Violets are Blue, but I bet Les Mis will be a fabulous read...

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