Monday, June 22, 2009

Squeeze me!

I was commissioned by a friend to make a pair of baby booties for another mutual friend of ours, for a special present, to be given in a couple of months. I then found out that our finance manager at work's wife is having a baby in early July, and all staff were invited to put together presents for them. I've also been commissioned by Aunty Ali to make a cardigan for baby Emily out of lovely bamboo yarn (she's supplying the yarn and the pattern, but I haven't seen it yet). On top of that is all the things i'm supposed to be making for my other friend to sell on her craft road-trip in mid-July. And then, Mum found some old knitting in her knitting bag - a toddler's jersey that just needs the finishing, and she's suggested I give it to the hospital, or to Orphan's Aid International - its so old she can't remember who did the knitting! Oh, and Buttony hasn't seen the light of day since I moved back home.

What was I thinking, when yesterday morning sitting in bed, I picked up some spare needles and some new mohair yarn I was given, and started on this:

This is a triangle shawl in Squeeze Me! mohair. I must be crazy! I think to get the best of both worlds, I'll leave this project at work to carry on with in my lunch hours. Sorry about the terrible phone-photo - the colours are far more stunning in real life, and so far the colour pooling is working out ok. I was given two balls of this, so if this shawl works out ok i'll make another one and sell them both! Its a very simple pattern, here on my Ravelry page, but the colour changing is enough to keep it interesting :)

So, here's the timeline for my other projects:

  1. Finance manager's baby stuff - a pair of purple/white converse booties (i'm addicted to this pattern!!), and a little vest if I, by some miracle, still have time!
  2. Items to sell - sewing together the bag, maybe another couple of neck cozies or some embroidered bags
  3. Booties for mutual friend
  4. Emily's cardigan (there's no rush for this one, i've been told)
  5. Finish Buttony!
  6. Finishing for toddler jersey (neckline & seaming)
Maybe then we can return to our normal broadcasting! Unpacking some more stuff yesterday I came across a large black plastic bag of all my project bags - patterns that have been matched with yarn, just waiting for me to come along with the needles... Another reminder that I won't be buying more yarn again in a hurry.

~Happy knitting!~

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shadyninjaknits said...

I know the feeling of having so many projects you feel you need to do, and then suddenly starting something completely different! But at least the baby stuff is small and won't take too long to do. Can't wait to see how the shawl turns out!

2BSewing: said...

You're one busy knitter! Cool projects! Sounds like you have mastered a plan to tackle your projects. Love the mohair yarn and colors. I saw one of the converse booties on Ravelry. They are soooo cute! I have faith that you will get your projects done. ;)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

you have to have a timeline to keep track of all your projects?!?! You're amazing!! good luck!!! at least they all sound like fun projects.

Trina said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, faithful followers :)

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