Friday, June 26, 2009

More Ballatrina in the web world!

Just thought i'd pop in with a quick heads up - I've been talking with Liz at Knitting for Profit about how much to charge for my recent contract knitting job, and she's put my question and her answer up on her blog! Check it out here - some helpful advice, very handy if you're thinking of contracting yourself out as a knitter.


I'm still knitting crazily along with the present for work-baby at the moment - I only have two and a half knitting days until I have to hand it in! Suffice it to say that i've had a few late nights lately; its coming along well - i'm kinda making it up as I go along, so ideas keep popping into my head, but I think it should look alright at the end. Then I can get back to the stuff for the roadtrip, and the other commission job which is half finished, and then things can slow down a little!

~Happy knitting!~

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Anonymous said...

You're almost there! I know you'll make it!


2BSewing: said...

A much needed post. Thanks for providing the link (and asking the question). Wow...late night knitting. I don't know you do it. I have to stop knitting around 8pm or I'll be making too many mistakes.

Go Trina! Go Trina! :)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

I have been wondering about contract knitting! Definitely not something I could do anytime soon, but maybe one day!

Jasmine's Mommy said...

This sounds really exciting! I know you'll be able to finish in time! :)

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