Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Holidays

Back from holidays, and already i'm looking forward to the weekend!

It was nice to have some time away though, it was reasonably cold up at the beach, but we still enjoyed it. I won't go into great detail about what we did, but here are a few of my favourite photos from the trip. The whole lot are here if you're interested.

Easter holiday
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Before Easter I was telling you about the easter chick presents I was making for the family - now they can finally be revealed! Free pattern here.

easter 004
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I mentioned that I would be taking Buttony with me to work some more on that... well, I did take it, but it didn't even get to breath in the salty air, it stayed in its bag the whole time! I wasn't sitting around doing nothing though, i'm making a Fireman Sam toy:

Fireman Sam!
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He's adorable!!! And SO fast to knit - I started his first foot last Wednesday night, and by last night (Tuesday) i've done all but sew on his hat, embroider his face, and make some hair! I got the pattern from my Aunty, who pulled it from a magazine, so unfortunately I can't tell you any more details about the pattern. On the drive up to the beach I made the black beanie i'm wearing in the photos above (Hot Head - Rav link here) so it felt like I was very productive!

Our easter family tradition is to drive up north 15 minutes to the big easter fair - they have everything you can think of from bands to white elephant stalls to garden signs - and of course I was lucky enough to find a stall with second hand wool ~big cheesy grin~!!! I was also allowed out the day before to have a look around the shops, since I had to find Sam's stuffing, and happened across a yarn store with a bargain bin that started calling my name.... so I suffered from a small dose of yarn enhancement over the weekend too:

New stash!
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1. Patons Inca - maybe for a shrug?
2. Cleckheaton Vintage Hues - for a new scarf
3. 150g of dark green 2ply - for a lace shawl, one day!

I also happened across some cheap second-hand fabric at the fair, and I couldn't resist that either! I've found a neat pattern for some fabric boxes that I might use it for. What do you think?

Easter Fair Fabrics
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I think that's enough from me now! I'll be back in a couple of days when i've finished Sam to give you a proper introduction.

~Happy Knitting!~


Mr. Apron said...

No way! They have Chocolate Oranges in NZ?!

Bloody amazing.

Do you smash them on the top with the palm of your hand to open them?

2BSewing: said...

Great beach pictures! Glad you had the chance to get away. The easter chicks are adorable. So is the Fireman Sam adorable!

Great yarn and fabric finds! Looks like the fabrics will make wonderful fabric boxes. :)

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