Monday, August 31, 2009

Ballatrina's Books: Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Author: Truman Capote
Started: 25-Aug-09
Finished: 29-Aug-09

I picked this up while browsing at Borders last Monday; i'd just finished watching the movie (again!) and thought it might be good to compare the book. In this case, I think the movie was better! There seemed to be alot more going on with the characters in the movie than in the book. Holly Golightly seemed alot more flighty and vague in the book, and it was very hard to like her character. The main male character in the book is vastly different to the one in the movie, and his book character again is very vague. I was pleased though to see that some of Holly's movie quotes came from the book! I'm aware that the book came first, and while it was good in its own right, although alot shorter than I had expected, i'd rather watch the movie any day than read the book again.

This version of the book also had two short stories at the end (and STILL the book was only half an inch thick!), but I haven't got to reading those yet.

Next on my book list is 'Under the Tuscan Sun' - again, a book that matches a movie, and although so far they too seem like very different beasts, i'm really enjoying the book - its more about what real life is like in Italy, and how the author had to learn things from scratch starting with just her love of the place.

Craft update
Thanks so much for all your lovely comments about my tote bags! I had a very busy weekend, knitting neck cozies all day Saturday and sewing tote bags all day Sunday, but I managed to finish off the bulk of the work - just need to sew my labels onto the tote bags, and attach the little cards, and they'll be ready to go on Wednesday!

~Happy reading/crafting!~


Sarah, The New Girl said...

love that movie :) I got a different feel from the characters in the book as well. I think the main male character in the book was struggling with his homosexuality (it was written by Truman Capote!), which my Mom and I have debated at length haha! But the movie is a definite classic, I just think of it as kind of a different story from the book.

Haven't read under the tuscan sun OR seen the movie!! I need to catch up!

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