Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Food Frenzy - Osteria del Toro

The new Monday Meal Madness!

This trip was out to Osteria del Toro, as part of the first Wellington on a Plate event that has run for the last two weeks - $25 for a set lunch of entree, main and glass of wine.

Friday Food Frenzie!

You walk in, and the interior is amazing! Loads of space, high ceilings with black patterned wallpaper and gold curtains - it looks a lot bigger than you would think from looking at it outside. Very classy :)

The food was brilliant. The entree choices were either hummus with pita bread or Bruschetta; we had one of each. We both opted for the Sicillian meatballs for the main, and there was enough there to be full (too full for dessert!) but not stuffed. The wine was nice too.

The full menu looks interesting with lots of different choices. Will definately be going back again!


Sarah, The New Girl said...

the interior is beautiful!!!! mmmm bruschetta... :)

2BSewing: said...

The meal looks yummy. Looks and sounds like a wonderful place to eat. Nice pics!

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