Friday, June 06, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

I'm definately building up my knitting confidence now :) I finished my cabled cap on Wednesday night! Or rather, the wee hours of Thursday morning.... I thought at about 6pm, 'ok, i'll just finish the three cable pattern repeats, then i'll go to bed.' Then, 'ok, there's only a few rows of decreases, i'll just do those, then i'll go to bed.' Then, 'ok, i'm about to change to DPNs to do the final decreases, that won't take too long, I might as well finish it now, then i'll go to bed.' Then, 'ok, i've come this far with only the brim to go, i'm going to finish the whole thing, THEN i'll go to bed!' By this time it was about 12.30am! Once i'd finished with the obligatory photos, I got into bed about 1am, leading to a nice strong coffee at work the next morning to get me through the day :) I've received lots of compliments about it already, work people are very impressed, as are some of the girls in my youth group!
Here's how it turned out:

Please note that i'm not pasty and gaunt-looking like this in RL, I just had to lighten the photo so you could see the hat!

Baby projects on hold for the moment, i'm up to that painful stage of the kimono where you have lots of m1's, and i'm all about the instant gratification projects at the moment! I'm working on a secret present for my friend 'S', which I don't think will take too long because the wool is so chunky, but its good practise with my DPNs.

Anyway, the good thing about long weekends is that it then leads to short weeks - I can't believe its Friday again already! Looking forward to seeing the new Indiana movie on Sunday night with the fam, probably our last fam thing before Bec heads overseas. Which reminds me, I must change my dentist appointment so I can see her off at the airport!


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