Friday, June 13, 2008

Social weekend

Bec left on Wednesday, and already its really quiet! M&D are also away this weekend, so instead of pouting on my own (although i'd probably get a ton of knitting done that way!), i'm going out with S tonight for drinks and a catch up, and H tomorrow night to see Sex and the City, and enjoying a quiet night on Sunday since the final of Greys and Men in Trees is on! So there, I do have a life :P

Knitting-wise though, I have another baby to knit for, so i'm making the Presto Chango sweater - its such an easy pattern so far, although a few holes have appeared at the end of the moss stitch on the back, but no-one but me is going to notice... It appears I have developed a slight case of insomnia lately, so I didn't put my knitting down until about 11.30 last night, since I figured I had to try and get some sleep if I was going to make it through a day at work AND my outting tonight!

I ordered my wool online today for Sassymetrical , which i'm so excited about making - the wool has to come from Canada though so it may take a while to arrive :( I'm going down to the local to get the wool for this Shrug which i've been planning to work on for a while - it was the first thing on my Ravelry queue! I've also been asked to make another Cabled Cap for mum, but that shouldn't take to long to whip up, since I know what i'm doing now. All that being said, i've put the baby kimono into hibernation for the moment, in hopes that i'll be inspired to work on it again soon! I'd planned it to be a Christmas present, so i'm not in any real rush.

QUOTATION OF THE DAY from the New York Times:
"Plants have a secret social life."
Susan A Dudley, an evolutionary plant ecologist at McMaster University, who found that a plant species can recognize its relatives...


Littleflame said...

Wallace and Gromit the good ol'boys, and a sweet hello~

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