Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Long weekend over :(

Back at work today... it was nice to have a long weekend though :) And that means its a short week! I spent most of the weekend up at Mum and Dad's, watching Bec sorting through her clothes for washing and such. She leaves in two weeks; its going to be quiet up there without her...

My knitting project for the long weekend was the Newsboy Cabled Hat. I cast on about Saturday lunchtime (after giving up with the mittens I had planned - I think the yarn I had was just too chunk on the DPNs, i'll try with some different stuff another time!) and managed to get the hang of cables ok and worked through the pattern reasonably well. Cast off last night just before Mum left for the airport, only to find that it was too big! I must have done an extra repeat when I should have, as no one else on Ravelry seemed to make any comment about the pattern being wrong - it must just be me! I frogged it shortly after that and will have another go tonight; at least I know what i'm doing now :)

In other news - Andrew Jason Lake, 8lb, was born on Sunday morning at 6am! He's gorgeous :) Mum and baby doing well, although labour lasted 24 hours! Must alter the wee vest I made him - it was that peachy colour, which isn't very masculine, but i'll come up with something to 'man it up' a bit...


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