Monday, December 15, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas

Yep, Christmas is coming up fast. Mum and sis are in Melbourne at the moment, with Dad and I heading over next week once we've finished up with work. So see you soon family!

Although I got through my christmas present knitting in advance, i've left all other christmas knitting until the last minute, and now it doesn't look like i'll get it done :( I had been working well on the Christmas stockings, with hopes to give them away with my presents, but I haven't got enough done yet to be able to do that, which is a shame. I guess I can use them as tree decorations at the end of the day if I don't end up giving them away. I'm currently working on one with a fair isle pattern, which i've never done before, but so far so good.

knitting 014

knitting 015

These are done in 4ply wool on 3mm needles. I also have some 8ply wool to make some slightly bigger ones, if I get a chance this week. Perhaps it should be my mission to make one a night, then i'll have enough done to give to family!

Happy knitting :)


Anonymous said...

Those are so super cute!

Trina said...


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