Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday projects

I got my new needles yesterday as promised ages ago, so I could get started on the coffee tunic and the ribbon x-back, in hopes that I could start to figure out which projects to take overseas with me. I've settled on a sweet little baby jacket (Ravelry link) for a friend, as that only takes one ball - i'm going to use Paton's Big Baby with 3mm needles - and I figured I would be able to take either the tunic OR the x-back, and I picked the x-back since that only needs 3 balls, where as the tunic needs around 9. I'm also going to take Chastity's hooded scarf, if I don't get that finished before I go. So there! I'm half packed already! Hehe :)

I'm hoping to post up some WIP pictures before I leave, but in the meantime, happy knitting!


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