Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Loving long weekends

I'm sorry to say i'm getting used to these short weeks! Its Waitangi Day here on Friday, which means another 4-day week! We will be going up to our bach to do some more painting and gardening, with hopefully some time for a swim as well.

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Last weekend I went up north for a youth leaders retreat weekend - I had a good time, the training we did was really good, but never again will I spend a whole weekend away along with 4 other guys - talk about testosterone overload!! Everything was a competition, from who could jump from the highest rock into the river, to who could hold their breath underwater the longest at the pool! As you can see it was gorgeous weather though, so I couldn't really complain about having another mini-holiday :)

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Progress is coming along well with the garter stitch baby cardi - I did some more work on it at lunchtime today, to discover that i'm pretty much finished on the bulk of the stockinette section, then a garter band around the bottom and the sleeves to go, along with picking up stitches for the button band. I'm suprised at how quickly its going! Its looking a little small at the moment - a little narrow across the back, but i'm hoping that the button band will make it look better.

I also finished my audiobook this morning, so here's my review:

Author: Audrey Niffenegger
Started: 1 Dec 08
Finished: 3 Feb 09
It looks like it took me ages to get through this, but its an audiobook so I only listened to it on the bus and other travelling - AND its two 9-hour books! Brilliant story though (18+ in some parts); I read in a review that people were sobbing in parts and I could see how that could be so. I would put it in the genre of romance/drama, but its not as 'flaky' other romance novels i've read. Sometimes its a little hard to keep track of the dates and how old the characters are, as it darts around a bit. Its nice to have both male and female voices reading out different parts of the dialogue. HIGHLY recommended! But make sure you're not doing anything else while you're listening, or you'll lose track of what's going on!

Happy knitting!


2BSewing: said...

LOL!!! ...in regards to your comment about testosterone overload.

The baby cardi is soooo cute! That's one cool looking yarn you are using. Looking forward to seeing the finished cardi.

BTW, you may be floating around in cyberspace (as well as I)...I am becoming more chatty than the other lurking knitters. :)

Trina said...

Thanks - the yarn was just some cheap stuff i picked up at K-mart, but its so nice to knit with!

And yes, its nice to come across a chatty person :)

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