Sunday, January 04, 2009

Post-Christmas calm

I'm at home today, relaxing before work starts again first thing tomorrow morning... i'm heading to mum and dads for dinner later, and to try out their new ABBA Singstar! Awesome!

So, Christmas and New Year! Stories will have to wait until I have more time to time, but here are a few photos from our trip - we were there for 11 days, so we covered alot of ground.

First, here are the YUM cupcakes I made for people at work before I left - they went down really well!
Christmas day was busy, jumping from Church to lunch with Mum's side (which was SO good, thanks Aunty Glen! Mwah!) followed by afternoon tea with Aunty Lorna, then dinner with Dad's cousins! So busy that I didn't really get my camera out to get any decent photos. But here is a photo of my Dad's side of the family on Boxing day, when we had our Christmas:
After more family visits, we went into town for a bit of shopping and New Years Eve - it was totally packed, it took about 45 minutes to walk across the bridge back into town to catch the tram back to the hotel, but it was lots of fun! This is my favourite photo of the fireworks:Now for the knitting! These are the WIP pics I promised before I left. 1 - Talia vest, 2 - Ribbon x-back top, 3 - Garter yoke baby cardi (Ravelry link)

knitting 018
knitting 019
knitting 017
And finally, last but definately not least - the Christmas presents for the babies! They have finally been handed over, and so now I can show you. Unfortunately it was too warm on Boxing day to get a photo of them wearing them, but i'm planning to get pictures when the weather turns a little cooler (hint hint, Aunty Ali!)
knitting 006misc 002
Ok! I think i'm all paid up in the photo department! Now to get some sleep before dinner...
Happy knitting!


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