Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's letter is the letter H

This is my first meme, thanks to the lovely Karen :) Comment and I'll give you a letter, and you get to write a list of ten things too.

Ten things I like that start with the letter H:

  1. Honey - the best thing to have on toast when i'm hungry in the morning. I used to have it on bread with 100s & 1000s at my aunty's house every time I visited!
  2. Heat - Summer is my favourite season!
  3. Hot chocolates - I love these at night just before going to bed, although it has to be Cadburys, not Milo
  4. Hoodies - my favourite comfort clothing, although I almost never wear the actual hood...
  5. Herbs - I add herbs to every meal that I can, its not the same without it
  6. Holidays - yay for holidays! Family time, and no work!
  7. Home - there's no place like home :)
  8. Hugs - hugs are great! I can never get enough!
  9. Healthy eating - something that is usually seasonal for me, but I try...
  10. Hershey's cookies & cream - only the best chocolate there is!

Knitting update

I'm still going on the cardi - i'll be finishing the first sleeve at lunch time today (i've just gone through that phase where you measure it, then knit, then measure it again, and it doesn't get any longer! Agonising!) so then I can start on the second sleeve. I bought some matching buttons yesterday so i'm very close to finishing! Ravelry tells me I started this in December - I know i've had lots of holiday-ing between then and now, but I still can't believe its taken this long! Photos will come once i've sorted out my camera issues...

And thanks to Karen and Susan for your nice comments about the Fearless Knitting badge :)

Shop name

My sister has a web shop where she's been selling all her art work, and she suggested that I should get one so I could eventually start selling some of my knitting. We've been trying to think up some names, and the one that's sticking so far is Monarch Knits. My initial thought was that, in the instance that I started sewing things to sell too, I couldn't do it under the same name, but i'm over that now - and B suggested that I make little knitted tags to go with it, which would cover that problem! So, I'm asking the blog: what do you think? Any other suggestions? Or do we like Monarch Knits?

~ Happy knitting! ~


Karen said...

I love your list of H things - heat, honey, herbs, holidays . . . H is a pretty cool letter. :)

I wish I could help you with the shop naming idea - I'm the worst with those things.

2BSewing: said...

Hey about Monarch Designs? It would encompass your current knitting wares and later you could include things you would sew and sell. Your own creations (and any other hobbies you want to add later). Just a thought.

I think I could give the meme a try. ;)

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