Thursday, February 12, 2009

Latest book review

The Shack
Author: William P Young
Started: 20 Jan 2009
Finished: 7 Feb 09

This book comes under the category of "books my Dad recommended I read". In this case, I was the last one in my family to read it, so I was under alot of pressure!

I found the book very interesting, although the wording was quite eloquent (lots of metaphors) and so sometimes a bit difficult to read through. The subject matter is not one that can be talking about without giving the book away, although I can say that it is christian fiction. (If you're interested, the link at the heading is the book's website where you can read a little of it.) It had a little of the crime fiction that I like, and it certainly left me asking questions about how strong my beliefs really are, so it was really good from that view point. I heard that many tears were shed during the reading of this book, but I didn't experience that myself, which is very unusual - I usually cry very easily!

Overall, a good read for a rainy afternoon when there is nothing else going on - you could probably finish it in a day or so of solid reading.


2BSewing: said...

This book looks interesting. I'll definitely check it out. I enjoy reading Christian fiction/novels. Thanks for your review. :)

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