Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, i'm back to blogging! No, I still haven't finished my study, but i'm well on the way now to handing in my final assignment - just a few more days I think, then i'll be done :)

On the knitting front, I've been good, and i've only been knitting on the weekends just to feed my addiction (saving study for during the week) and on knit nights, but still my second baby Christmas present is almost complete! I think i'll be finished with that one tonight! Sadly though, I can't show any piccys because that will ruin the suprise, but if your lucky I might put some up on Ravelry so you can have a sneek peek. I'm suprised at how quickly I got through the second one - although i'm looking forward to getting out of the habit of knitting every pattern twice, which i've done for my last few projects!

Next on the list will be to finally finish Coachella, so I can wear that for summer, as well as carrying on with squares for my Casa Kiwi blankets (see previous post...) and a cute little x-back top out of that lovely ribbon yarn I scored a while ago, although i'm yet to decide on a colour - any suggestions? I've also managed to come across some cheap tweed to use for a Central Park Hoodie (Rav link), but that's a little way down the list I think. I've had my eye on the pattern for a while though, so i'll be glad when that's done! Also on my list is a Coffee Tunic (Rav link) using Taieri Plains 8ply yarn in a plain creamy colour from The Yarn Queen (a cool new online store in Wellington), a Talia vest by Sweaterbabe using Cascade 220 in blue heathers, and a Buttony Sweater using Gedifra Shanina in red. I think that will keep me out of mischief for a while! Although, don't hold me to that list, as something is bound to bump into the middle and take me off track! What did knitters do before Ravelry came along???

In non-knitting news, I took a day out on Saturday to come into town and get started on my Christmas shopping! I got most of it done too, I just need a few little bits and pieces then i'm done! AND to top that off, they are all wrapped and sitting in a box ready to be given out! I feel very proud of myself :)

That's it for now, happy knitting!


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