Monday, September 08, 2008

Long time no post!

Hello! Sorry I haven't written for a while, but things have been crazy at home - Dad and sis got back on Saturday morning, so we have been catching up with stories and photos and pressies :) I got a lovely pair of NY p-jammies and a Statue of Liberty foam crown (like in Centre Stage, which I wore around for most of the day), as well as some other pressies from NY, and some yummy-smelling french perfume from Dad. Talk about spoilt!

Also, I have added a picture in the post below of my Nan and Pop taken a wee while ago, this was one of my favourites, since Pop looks happy, and he and Nan are holding hands :)

As for knitting, I had a go at making a Coachella using the velvety yarn I got cheap at The Warehouse, but unfortunately it just didn't work well for that pattern - it was too thick to start with, and the drape was terrible, so it looked like a brown paper bag when I tried it on! **Photos to come - watch this space!** I've managed to find some other nice patterns to use the yarn with, and i'm waiting for some new yarn to come into the local Knit World so I can try Coachella again - this time the yarn is the right weight, and its cotton/acrylic so it should have a nice drape, and be cool in summer!

I'm also starting to work on Christmas presents for the new babies on Dads side (although, because a certain aunty reads my blog I can't put up many details, or it will give it away!) I'll try and put some mysterious photos up as soon as I can, and you can always keep an eye on my progress on the new pattern progress bars on the right :) (Sorry I keep harping on about that feature, I'm just so excited I finally got it to work!) I will tell you though, one is for baby Andrew, the other is for baby Emily - that's the one i'm working on at the moment - so i'm sure you can pick the appropriate colours. Now the rush is on to get them finished in time to take them back to Oz!

After some Ravel-stalking today of other people's projects, my queue is growing, so upcoming projects include a beret for a Christmas present, a Wisp shawl using Moda Vera Wisp, a Talia vest from SweaterBabe with Cascade 220 (i'm SUPER excited about using this yarn, i've heard lots of good comments about it!), and a ribbon x-back top using the ribbon yarn below that I won on TradeMe - so I should be busy for a while!

Happy knitting!

This is the ribbon yarn I was talking about - it looks just as gorgeous in person as in these photos! Now to decide which colour to use for the x-back top.... any suggestions?


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