Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad day...

My Pop, Vern Maas, passed away yesterday morning at 2.45am (NZ time). Sadly my mum was just on her way to the airport to fly to Melbourne to see him, and found out when she landed.

Pop had been very ill for a long time, but I remember the trips that he made over to NZ with my Nan when we'd moved here - he'd always bring my sister and I a new little jersey that he'd knitted, even when we were at that age when it wasn't 'cool' to wear that kind of thing any more, but I kept them all. He would stand at the window whistling away and watching the cows on the hill across the valley, and gave us an update anytime one of them moved away or if more came along. He never quite got the hang of playing Spoons (the card game) but he loved playing Tongues, and he was really good at Cannive.

Image-02Love you Pop, and miss you heaps!! xxxx


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