Monday, August 25, 2008

Charity Knitting

The Ravelympics are officially over! I crossed the finish line with three projects for two different teams in two different events. My Sassy you've seen, so the last of the games was spent working on projects for Team Charity.

I got this little hat done:

P8230027 go with these little booties that i'd made before:


...which meant that I got this new medal:


I also finished off one of the booties to go with the little moss stitch beanie i'd made before, but i've labelled that an UGH because it came out all wrong!!! As you can see, the length of the foot is huge, but the ankle is the right size...


After this I gave up and started on Coachella in a lovely suede-ish yarn - its like knitting with chocolate! Because the yarn is thicker than called for in the pattern, i'm knitting the xs size on smaller needles to hopefully get somewhere around the small size... if it doesn't work i'll frog it and try another approach, maybe with some new yarn.

Speaking of new yarn - I went stash shopping on Saturday, much to Mum's disgust!




Yeah, they are kinda the same colours, but they feel so different! Now to just find a project to use them for...

Happy knitting!


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