Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is there such a thing... a 'good' sick day? I would say yes! Unfortunately I've been bogged down with a minor throat infection for the last two days, so i've been home from work (i'm going back in later today though!) and i'm suprised at how much you can get done while you sick and have nothing to do while you stay in bed!

First things first, Monday was spent finishing my assignment! Hooray, its FINALLY done! I'm going to post it off later today. It went suprisingly quick in the end - I got most of the research done over the weekend, so Monday I just had to master my first ever perspective drawing, and wala! All done :) I'm SO pleased!!!

Of course, that means I now have time for knitting! I'm pleased to report that the two baby christmas presents are now blocked and hanging up outside to dry out, then they are ready to be wrapped. If you're a member, there are pics on my Ravery page if you want to have a look.

One month until Christmas! Did I scare you??

knitting 010

Yesterday's project was to finish off Coachella, which has been sitting around waiting for me to finish the presents. Its finally done too! My mods were to add a little length, and use 4.5mm needles for the whole thing rather than changing up a size. I also added some 3x1 ribbing around the bottom to make it a little more stretchy, and a did some crochet around the arm holes to strengthen them. I tried it on before blocking and it seemed to fit ok, so we'll see what blocking does to it (no, silly, of course I didn't swatch!).

knitting 011

As for my next project, after a quick look through my Rav queue, I decided to start on the Talia vest from I give you permission to call me silly for starting a pure woolen vest just as summer is starting :) Unfortunately i didn't have the right size needles for either the ribbon x-back top or the coffee tunic, so I settled with the one I could start right away. Friday's trip to the yarn shop should help solve those problems, but I had itchy fingers so I just had to start something! I have no problems with the vest going into hibernation while I work on a couple of summery tops.

I'm also still working on the hooded scarf for Chastity, but because the pattern is so simple, i'm going to keep that as my travel/knit night project. I've found a cute pattern too for some mini-Christmas stockings, and I hope to do one a night of those, since they are only supposed to take 1 hour.

Happy knitting!


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