Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing catch up

I work in administration, so I sit in front of a computer pretty much all day, and when I get home I usually can't be bothered - which is why I haven't updated recently! But I promise photos will be coming soon (I forgot my camera today...).

I didn't do any knitting at all last week, I just wasn't in the mood, but yesterday afternoon it all came back to me! I finished the second pair of those booties, they just need seaming - I knit one in just a few hours! Took a couple of goes to figure out the alterations i'd made to the first one to get them to match, since I made it so long ago, but I think they are about right. I've started a little beanie to match from the leftovers; I think i'll have enough.

In lieu of any further exciting news, I thought i'd point out some updates that i've caught up with this morning, in case you're interested:

Also, I've ordered a new book! Sadly I can't remember what its called, so I can't find it on Amazon, but its all about knitted embellishments. I thought it looked interesting - maybe I can brighten up the peach baby vest, or even Buttony when I get that finished...

Sorry for all the links, but I hope this keeps you busy and puts me back in the good books until I can get those photos up!

~Happy knitting!~


Jasmine's Mommy said...

It's always nice to read your blog and find out what your doing!

I need to check out the yarn harlot blog...never read it before so thanks for the link!

Glad to hear your busy knitting agin! ;)

2BSewing: said...

Looking forward to your knitting pics. Also, can't wait to see what book you've ordered. ;)

I visited the other blog you mentioned. We can pray for healing, respect, and forgiveness. It's sad that this happens.

Glad to see that you're knitting mojo came back. :)

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