Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The joys of packing!

I was out at a course last night but when i got home I thought I better at least pack up another couple of boxes, to keep myself going. I packed up three before getting distracted by the warmth of the heater, then i figured it was about time to go to sleep....

It's funny though, the things you find when you're packing, that you completely forgot you had! I had lots of fun going through my desk drawers, which I hadn't even looked in for maybe 10 years, and discovering all these little toys that I used to play with! I'm grown up now and I was being ruthless, so they pretty much all went in the bin. I found some nice clothes too when I was sorted out my drawers, so my boss keeps commenting "I haven't seen that on you before!"

When I was going through some knitting stuff last night (I had to face the fact that I really wouldn't have any time for knitting at home over the next couple of days, no matter how much I really want to sit down and finish Sassy!) when I found the peach coloured baby singlet that i'd finished! I was sure i'd given it away, then I remembered that the baby I was going to give it to turned out to be a boy, so i'll have to come up with something more masculine for his christmas present. So anyway, without further ado, here are the pictures of the finished product, long overdue!

I remember commenting a while ago that it still looks a bit too wide, but i'm sure it would be ok on a wee baby... now to wait until someone has a girl!

Also, i'm about to discover the wonder of audio books at I thought they might be good for multi-tasking - 'reading' a book and knitting at the same time! I found a Ted Dekker interview yesterday so I got that for Dad to listen to. And for me - I found this book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, also known as the Yarn Harlot (an awesome blog by the way). It goes for three hours, so that will be a good night's worth of knitting, i'm looking forward to it!

Now to get the packing and unpacking out of the way...


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