Monday, July 28, 2008

Progress report

Ok, since I haven't written for a while I thought it was about time to share some pictures with you of what i've been working on recently.

But first - an update, as promised, on the flat situation - i've found somewhere new, and I move in this weekend! I suppose that's the main reason that I haven't posted for a while, i've been too busy packing! My new place is sharing with three other people, which is a new experience for me, so i'm both really nervous and really excited at the same time! The flat is still in the middle of J'ville, so still nice and close to everything, and my new room is about the same size as the lounge in my cottage, so i'll definately be able to fit everything in ok. AND it has a heatpump! AND Sky TV! AND a dishwasher! AND plenty of storage for my wool! What more could a girl ask for :) Must take some pics for Bec before I start moving stuff in, so i'll put those up when I can.

Anyway, back to knitting progress. Here is my Sassy so far. I haven't actually picked it up since these photos were taken, since i've been packing most of the time i've been at home, but I don't think it will take me too long to finish it, now that the arms are seperated.
(This first photo was taken before the arms were seperated...)
Sorry about the terrible last photo, but I had to lighten it a bit so you could actually see it! The actual colour is very hard to tell in these photos too, although I guess that first photo is the closest, but the label says 'dry sage'. I would have thought it was more 'natural' than that... hopefully I can get some daylight photos of it which should show it better. Its just getting really boring knitting stocking stitch the whole time!!

In need of some instant gratification, I started on some charity knitting on Saturday morning. I called up the radio station after they played an ad asking for volunteers to knit for preemies for the Wellington Hospital, so I registered my name, and they sent me out some little balls of wool and a return-paid envelope and said 'get to it'! Isn't it ADORABLE! I can't believe how tiny it is! I've started on some matching booties now too, so i'll show you those when they're done. I might do a little matching singlet too, if I have enough of this wool left.

If you'd like to join in with this charity knitting, go to for the contact details.

Also, just another quick update - I wrote a wee while ago that I was going to do some more work on my cowl-neck shawl.... well, I actually decided to frog that one. I did pick it up to do some more, but I thought, i'd never find the motiviation to actually finish it, with such small needles and thin yarn! I definately started it before I realised what a stupid idea it was! I still really like the pattern, so I will find some other scarf-type lacy pattern to use in the same way, and save all that yummy teal wool for something else - watch this space!


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