Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There she goes again

Ok, random title I know, but I couldn't think of anything, and this song is on the radio! However, it fits quite well with what's going on with me at the moment, but more on that in a bit.

First, some pics of mum's new hat!

She's worn it everywhere ever since I gave it to her I think, which is nice :) I'm just jealous because it fits better than mine - which has stretched and now just blows off my head at the suggestion of a breeze! I just need to get some elastic to fix it.

I also finally started on my Sassy; here's my progress so far:
I've actually done heaps more than this since this photo was taken - i'm just about up to seperating for the sleeves now (about 6in from cast on). Its coming along well, although the colour isn't quite what I expected it to be, its still nice, and its not splitting as much as when I first cast on, which is good!

My queue on Ravelry is still growing, although I think i've got it quite well managed now. I'm also starting to look at Christmas presents for the fam too, which i'll need to start work on soon. I really want to get into some charity knitting too, and I guess that won't take too long, I might do a couple of little hats once i've finished Sassy and send them off quickly. I also rearranged my stash a bit more last night, it now fits in one big bag, with the exception of the other stuff that's in a plastic crate under my table - I had no idea that the pile was so big! Thank you TradeMe!!

Anyway, back to what else is going on - i'm currently flat hunting. I got a letter from my landlord saying that his dad was unwell and they needed to move him into my cottage, so I have to find somewhere else to go. Its such a shame, I really love my little house, i've been there almost two years now! But now, I have to start finding boxes and packing everything up, which is a long process. I suppose its a good excuse to reorganise stuff and get rid of lots of junk, so as long as I keep thinking like that i'll be fine :) More updates later.


dogknitty.com said...

Pretty stitch marker, is it a butterfly bead? Lovely work on the Sassy project!

Trina said...

Thanks! I wish it was a butterfly, but its a little star.

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