Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On autopilot...

Friday night: Work social at The Lanes, followed by movies and tennis on tv.
Saturday night: Movie at mum and dads, then attack from the storm.
Sunday night: Impact Live, youth service at church.
Monday night: Season finale of Bones, again at mum and dads.
Tuesday night: Knitting group at the Bristol.

I'm looking forward to an EARLY night tonight, i'm definately running on autopilot today! Ok, so they were (mostly) all self-inflicted, but I still deserve to get a decent nights' sleep!

The knitting group last night was interesting, I went down a little after 7 so I wouldn't be the first to arrive, only to find that it was quiz night, so it took a while to find a chair! I finished off mum's cable cap, which I started on Saturday afternoon, and finally started on Sassymetrical. The ladies there were really nice, and there were a couple there that were just learning, so that was fun. Sadly our team didn't win the quiz, but we got the knitting questions right! It was good to see what everyone was working on too - there were socks, scarfs, jerseys, and even a doggie jumper that would be donated to the SPCA! What a fantastic idea!

The quiz finished about 10.15, which meant I missed the 10pm bus and had to wait until 11pm. "You just need to appreciate how attractive I really am!" These are the things you hear while waiting for said bus... its certainly a very interesting time of night to be hanging around in town!

Sadly I haven't got any decent photos of the finished cap, but i'm hoping I can get some when mum comes to pick it up, so stay posted! Also, I'm not sure what i've got myself into with this Sassymetrical, i'm just working on the moss stitch border - 8ply wool on 4mm needles, 137 stitches, it took just over two hours to do four rows! It was nice to see it starting to grow though.

Better get back to autopilot...


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