Friday, August 08, 2008

Finally, an update!

Hello out there! I'm sorry for being slack with my posts lately, but as you can imagine, moving flats has kinda taken over my life, and work has been pretty crazy too. I can't believe that every night this week i've had something on - that hasn't happened for a long time, my poor new flatmates probably think i'm snobbing them! A quick run down for you: Monday = Mamma Mia! The movie! Fantastic by the way, although this directly relates to how well you know the lyrics to every Abba song. Lots of fun singing along with friends in the movie theatre - I can't wait to see it again!! Tuesday = MYOB course. Most boring night of my week, but I have to do it for work. I'm already two lessons ahead of the rest of the class, because I use it quite often at work, but that may mean i'll get to skip the last lesson. Wednesday = S&B in the Hutt! VintagePurls was visiting from Dunedin for the day, so we all went out for a knitting lunch and then trekked out to the Hutt for their regular S&B night - SO much fun! I met so many lovely people (and now have lots more Ravelry friends!) I can't wait until the next one :) Thursday = Youth group games night. This didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it was going to; we split into two teams and played Cranium for an hour, which seemed to go down well. Friday night = ANOTHER girly Abba night! We were all still on such a high from the movie that we decided we needed to get together again and probably do Singstar along to some old Abba-era songs and have a general girly sleepover. I'm definately looking forward to that tonight :)

All that following a flat-out weekend moving into the new flat! We missed the rain, thank goodness, when we were moving the furniture around - it did rain later on in the day though, but that didn't matter. Because i've been out every night I haven't really done alot of unpacking, but here are some photos to show the basic layout of my room:
The blue chair in the corner under the window is my new 'knitting nook', which is fantastic - I just spin the TV around and I can sit there and knit my heart out, with the spot light above me for extra light. Granted, i've only had about 5 minutes sitting in there, late Sunday night, but so far so good! Its nice to have somewhere other than my bed to sit, if I don't feel like being in the lounge. This weekend i'm hoping to get more unpacking done, and also organise my stash into the canvas containers I brought, so i'll get some photos of those once they're done.

Knitting-wise, i'm working on another shrug to get done before the Ravelympics starts - I cast off the sleeves last night, so just a few more rows of body to go, then its done. Its following the same Shrug This pattern I used for my pink one, but this one is a lovely light sage green (it just doesn't photograph well under lights) and it will be shorter like the pattern suggests. Need to get it finished tonight, i can't stand to have ANOTHER WIP while the Ravelympics are going! Here's a pic of my progress though:


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