Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's all go!

The Ravelympics have begun! I'm a bit slow off the mark, for a whole lot of reasons, but I have four inches to go on the body of my Sassy, then the sleeves, then its done! I might even have some yarn left over! Then i can get started on some charity knitting, and if I still have time, I'll carry on work with my Baby Kimono which has been hibernating for a while.


I finished my pre-games Shrug project on Friday night, and wore it to church with lots of positive comments and requests for the pattern :) I decided to 'basically' stick to the pattern; my only mods were to lengthen it a bit and add an extra couple of rows of ribbing to the bottom, but its more cropped than the mini-cardi I made before from the same pattern.

The rest of my weekend was spent unpacking, although my big weekend project was to sort out my stash! I got some canvas boxes from the Plastic Box and printed off the specs from the Yarn Standards website to use as labels on the boxes, then in consultation with Ravelry, I sorted them by weight/ply into the boxes. Some boxes got two labels, because I didn't have much of each weight. Hopefully now it will be quick and easy to find the right yarn for a project!



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