Thursday, October 02, 2008

Photo time!

Ok, finally as promised, here are some piccies of what i've been working on:

knitting 002
knitting 001
knitting 005
(Sorry for the wonkyness and bluriness - it turns out its quite hard to take photos of yourself backwards!)

Progress on this is coming along quite well, I haven't done any more since these photos were taken, so i'm still working on the length, then the ribbing, then the crochet around the armholes to strengthen them a bit, then it's done!

Christmas present
Ha! Sorry, you'll have to wait until after Christmas to see the finished product, I don't want to ruin it :) Progress on this is also coming along quite well, I think i'm only another good hour away from finishing the knitting, then to weave the ends, then I can start on the next one!

Ok, well that's it from me now, back to work!
Happy knitting :)


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