Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back on track

Finally, my yarn arrived, so I can carry on with my christmas presents! I'm definately on the home straight now, just another few hours and it will be done, then I can start on the second one! (Now that I know what i'm doing...) I actually remembered to take a photo of it last night, before it was finished, but I can't put it up here because its a suprise :)

This means though that my Coachella has been taking a little holiday, but I've brought it to work with me so that will become my new lunchtime project. Its just straight stockinette stitch, so nice mindless work, and shouldn't take too long to finish off. I'm going to add some 3x1 ribbing to the bottom so it will fitt nicely. I tried it on the other night too, once i'd finished the armholes - the drape is still a little stiff, but I have a feeling it will soften up after a nice wash... (oh yes, go with intuition, who cares about actually swatching!) I also took a photo of this one last night too, but I stupidly forgot my camera, so you'll have to wait for piccys - maybe until tonight when i get home.

I'm starting crochet classes tonight too - much to the 'dismay' of my family (I'm sure they think this whole knitting thing is just a phase... little do they know!) but i'm really looking forward to it. I'm mainly doing it because i'd like to reinforce the arm holes in my Coachella with a crochet chain, so I need to learn how to do that, but I was looking at a friends' amigurimi (sp?) book the other day, and some of them were just SO cute, so i'd love to learn how to do that too! There is an ad on TV here about a new air freshener that doesn't need covering up, and it starts with a little old lady making crochet covers on her show 'Crochet Today' so the family think that's what i'm going to turn into! Oh well, I'm happy enjoying my new hobby, I can put up with the non-knitter jibes :)

Back to work now. Happy knitting!


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