Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bored at home

Well, i've been off work sick for the last couple of days, but i'm back now because I got too bored at home, although still not feeling 100%. I'm a medical mystery according to my doctor - my symptoms don't fit into any patterns! Not sure what to do from here, but we wait and see...

I managed to do a little more work on my little kimono while I was tucked up in bed, but I think the circular I brought was a little too long, which makes it very hard to handle! But although its slow going, its also a very easy pattern to follow, which is nice. I keep looking at other people's FOs as encouragement! In the end I did a few rows then resorted back to my peggy squares for my rainbow blanket (I hope to get a picure up on Ravelry soon!) - I bought heaps of yarn for the border squares but looking at it now i'm not sure I got enough, i'll have to come up with a different colour if thats the case, which will make it really rainbow-y!

I found this neat little pattern today for "Peekaboo mittens", so that will definately be my next project - on the bus this morning I was just thinking about a friend of mine who used to have some mittens similar to these, and how nice they were, and then this pattern surfaced!


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