Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On a new path


I handed in my resignation at work yesterday, after working in this office for the past four years. I'm starting again in a new direction...

I have decided to move out of Wellington, to go and study full time in Hamilton*. The course I will be doing is a Bachelor of Contemporary Christian Music at Vision College, majoring in bass guitar and minoring in vocals. You may remember that back in January I did a week-long music course - this is following on from that! It had been niggling at the back of my head that it was something that I really enjoyed, and that I would be silly not to pursue it. So after much thought and organisation, I applied for the course, did the interview and got accepted all in about a week! The full bachelor program is for three years, but i'm just going to take it a year at a time**.

This is a huge deal for me - i've never studied full time at university level before, and i've never lived in a new city on my own away from my family, so i'm both nervous and excited. Luckily I've visited Hamilton quite a bit over the last year and really love it there.

The timing of things should work out quite well - I finish work at the end of December before going on my holiday to the states, then when I get back I have about two weeks of relaxing/packing before the course starts, with two days of orientation before classes start.

So there you go! I've decided too, that with my new start will come a new blog, but more details on that closer to the time.

Knitting update
I've been pretty slack with knitting recently! I finished off a little something new for my Etsy store***, but that's about it. I have cast on for the Central Park Hoodie [Rav link], starting with the sleeve, but I need to find some more stitch markers for the cable section before I can go much further.

* for those not in the area - Wellington is at the bottom of the North Island, Hamilton is about a 7 hour drive north, closer to the top of the North Island. Here's a map if you're interested!
** they all say that - and they all do the full three years! It just sounds good...
*** I want to make a couple more, then they will be listed :)


Karen said...

Wow!!! Good for you! It's a very big and exciting change, and I know it will open the door to many great things in your future!

Trina said...

Thanks Karen! There's still alot to sort out before I go, but I have time :) I'm kinda eager just to get started now!

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