Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Let's talk: Christmas presents!

Firstly - thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on my last post! Its great to know I have lots of support out there, and i'll be keeping in touch about what kind of things the course involves as I go through the year(s).

On to topic - there was an interesting post that I found though The Knitting Pen's blog, about how people with knitting-based blogs tend to* respond to comments through one-on-one contact like emails (or Ravelry) - and i'm the same, although I do respond to people when it goes through to Facebook. But doing it that way makes you forget that what you are replying, might be of interest to other readers as well. (*I say tend to, because I know a couple of bloggers that do reply in-comment - but I usually forget to go back and check if there's a response!)

So - starting now, i'm going to make an effort to respond in the comments section to all comments I get. Maybe we can start a discussion about a pattern or technique that you've been wanting to know more about that I mention, or you can talk about a book you've read that you think we might like. Share your opinion!

Let's start the comments ball rolling with something topical - what do you think about handmade gifts for Christmas? Have you thought about looking at Etsy, Felt or ArtFire for something that you could get personalised? Or do you make your own knitter/crafted gifts for friends and family?

knitting 015
I'm doing something a little different for my family presents this year, although I guess technically it's still handmade. I saw an ad a few months back about buying t-shirts incorporating designs that are drawn by orphans in Africa [here's the link] - so Sis, Mum and Dad get to pick one each :) Buying one t-shirt will feed an orphan for a month, so its a twist on the 'buy a pig/goat/pair of shoes' gifts i've been doing the last couple of years.

Let me know your thoughts - and check back to see what other's are doing, it might help you get some ideas!

If you're like me and forget to go back and check for a response, there should be a little box you can tick in the Blogger comments screen that says "send follow-up comments by email" - that's probably the best way. Facebook should notify you if someone else comments on a note you've commented on.


Crafty Tuesday said...

I love the process of making a home-made gift for a family member at Christmas time (it's all about the giving, right?). I'm choosy about what I make and who I give it to though. I am fairly sure my brother would just about kill me if I gave him a knitted jumper.. but my mum loved the patchwork crochet blanket I gave her (really!). I've made socks for friends too and I know they appreciate those. There's a lot of heart and thought that goes into a hand-made and home-made gift. I'm all happy about Christmas just writing this!

Trina said...

That sounds great - it's definately the giving that counts. You must start making presents early then, to make something special for family?

Karen said...

Hey friend - I couldn't resist passing along a blog award to you! I posted about it (and you) today!! Hugs!

Kathy said...

Came to you from Karen's blog. I always talk to people in the comments. It is fun.

Isn't Karen a dear?

Trina said...

I'm getting used to it, but it is fun so far!
Karen is sweet, I feel very honoured to get the award :)

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