Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Needle storage

Wow, three posts in 24 hours! That's some record for me!

I was reading Marilyn's blog, The Stair Landing, this morning, and her latest post has got me thinking. As well as covering what fearless knitting she has done in 2009 so far, she's also questioned how people store their knitting needles.

My 'system' leaves alot to be desired... when I got back into knitting again last year I was on the prowl for needles for a long time, buying bulk sets in online auctions, so I have far too many needles! All my straights are in one knitting bag, a piece of string holding together the different sizes. My old circulars are just lumped and tangled together in another knitting bag. My knit picks are probably the most organised - i've written on their plastic case the different sizes of tips so I know which ones go where - although the cables are a mess. My DPNs are sitting in a glass jar on my desk. Along with Marilyn, I too probably have a few stray ones in project bags spread around the place. The piece of knitting equipment I have to have at the start of every project is my needle sizer just so I can find the right needle to use!

My question to you - how do you sort and store your needles? Do you have any tips you can share with me and others about how to tidy things up a bit? I look forward to your comments!

~Happy knitting!~


Anonymous said...

I meant to blog about this when I made it but never got the chance. I have a great system for my circulars. I got a large binder and filled it with those clear plastic paper covers- you know, the ones that have an opening on the top and I guess are used to protect paper? Anyway, I also got some stiff paper to put inside those plastic covers. Then I organised my needles by size, writing their size in both US and mils, and stating which lenghts were in each sleeve. Then I just put the circ in the proper plastic paper protector and done. Now I can easily flip through my 'needle folder' to find if I have the correct needles. It made me realise how many of the same needle I have! I don't own many straight needles, so the few I do get to live in one of the pockets of my knitting bag.

There are some great (and VERY creative) ideas for circular holders if you google it.

2BSewing: said...

For my circs, I put them back in the retail package (ziplock bag) and put them in a box. I'm getting ready to punch holes in the packaging and put them in a binder by size and length. For my straights, they are sitting a large vase...displayed proudly I might add. Great post!

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