Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Etsy Treasury: Blue Butterflies

Spazzyyarn made a gorgeous Etsy Treasury a while ago, and kindly gave me a link to instructions on how to make one. She also linked to a clock which showed how long to go until the next slot to get in to make one, since you've gotta get in quick!

Since then i've been checking on and off, waiting for the numbers to drop in my favour so I could get in there and make one for myself - and finally today I looked at the right time!

(expires 30th Oct)

The search I did for this was blue butterflies - my favourite - and all the items are perfect stocking-fillers for Christmas.

If you're not sure what a Treasury is, it 'is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery of handpicked items.' Its a good place to start hunting for items on Etsy, as they are usually grouped by colour or theme.

If you've joined Etsy and would like to make one for yourself, here's the instructions, and the clock to keep an eye on. You have to wait until the number of lists drops below 333 - right now as I write this, there are 641 lists! They expire after three days, so that's when you can jump in to a free spot.

Have a look at Spazzyyarn's Etsy store - she spins and dyes some gorgeous yarns - or follow her on Twitter. A big thanks to her for the tips - it was alot of fun putting together my own collection! I'd love to make another one next time I get a chance :)


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