Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Monday Meal Madness - Ghengis Khan

MMM-GK, originally uploaded by Ballatrina2008.

Monday Meal Madness continues! This time we went to Ghengis Khan - a Mongolian BBQ restaurant - with a friend visiting from down south.

I love restaurants where there's a process for getting your meal, rather than just ordering off a menu. At this place, you grab a bowl, make your way along a bar of noodles, veges and meats - gathering whatever you want - then you add sauces and spices, and they throw it on a flat top BBQ and cook it in front of you! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of this process, but it was really good :)

The desserts were amazing too - Matt had a 'smoking chocolate sundae', much to the amazement of the others in the restaurant. It was dry ice in a glass set off with the appropriate liquid, then another glass set on top with the icecream, so the 'smoke' from the dry ice came out between the glasses. Very impressive!


2BSewing: said...

Oh my gosh...the food looks yummy! I thought I saw chocolate. :)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

I LOVE Mongolian BBQ!! I'm so glad you posted this; reminds me that I haven't been to our fav mongolinan place in a while... glad you enjoyed yours!! That dessert sounds amazing!! I've never seen a smokin chocolate sundae, I'll have to look out for that :)

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Yum, looks so delicious.

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