Monday, February 23, 2009

Stash tidy up

Sadly I didn't make it to the carnival on the weekend :( When I got up on Saturday I was hit by a strange cleaning bug which wanted to attack my room - and since that hits so rarely, who am I to say no? Room cleaning went well, thanks to a quiet house and trashy Saturday tv! I even vacuumed! (and broke the vacuum cleaner, but its all better now...)

After that was done, I consulted my Yarn Harlot page-a-day calendar, which suggested a good weekend chore would be to clean out one's stash, not only to remind it what the light of day looks like, but also to remind yourself what you have! Here are my results:

knitting 029
Most of, but not all of, my stash - collected since April 2008

Ok, now I realise that I probably have enough stash to last me a while, and I have no excuses whatsoever to go and by more! (Well, I do - one of the managers at work is having a baby girl, and I don't have any nice pink in my stash to make something, but I promise that's all i'll buy!! Cough cough...)

It is also now resorted into the different types of fibre - bamboo and cotton, mohair (of which I have an awful lot!) - as well as a box of yarn for toys, and one for odd balls and leftovers that can be used for charity stuff. Out of that I was able to sort out which yarns are predestined for projects, and bagged those together with their patterns so I can just pick them up and go when i'm ready to start. I also have a box of 5+ balls of different yarns which are pure stash with no projects in mind - the fun part will be matching those up with projects :)

Knitting update

With all that lovely fibre floating around, of course I was tempted to knit something! Details to come shortly.... Once that was done though I carried on with some squares for the Casa Kiwi blankets - I think I almost have enough now to make one blanket, with promises for more squares from a couple of others to come! I was asked the other day if there was any information about this project on their website, which of course there isn't, because they don't know its happening - it will just be a lovely suprise when these blankets turn up! Feel free to comment if you want to help out :)

Quote of the week

It turns out my page-a-day calendar also does quotes for Sundays! If any come up that are share-worthy i'll pass them on... This week's one is particularly inspirational, and something i've come across in my thinking before:
"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about."
- Charles Kingsley
So, what are you enthusiastic about? For me, its definately my knitting, as well as my bass guitar (she's at the doctors at the moment, i'll introduce you to her when she's all better!)

~Happy knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

OMG! Is this what we call a bedful of yarn? You should do a contest, kind of like "where's Waldo?" Or maybe see how many similar yarns we could find in the picture.

You know, I think for me, 2009 might produce similar amount of yarn. :)

I am enthusiastic about my hobbies. They bring instant relief when stressed. I enjoy knitting for its portability. I can be in the same room with DH and watch TV and knit.

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