Friday, February 20, 2009

Hit the JACKPOT!

I never get mail... well, according to my flatmates I get more than they do, but its usually just boring circulars that I end up throwing out, so that doesn't count. Anyway, I hit the mail jackpot last night - I was the first home last night, and got super excited to see that all the mail was for me - nothing for anyone else, and the excitment grew when I opened up all my mail and found this:



1. Mingus Big Band tickets! I only booked these two or three days ago, I can't believe they arrived so fast! They are performing as part of the Wellington Jazz Festival, first weekend of March. I've never been to the festival before, so i'm really looking forward to going - my jazz-guru-friend Al is coming with me :)

2. FastTrack bass guitar book! More on this in the future as my plans for next year are slowly revealed, but lets just say i'm hoping to get more serious about my bass guitar adventures, and I figured this was a good place to start - it starts out quite basic, which I guess is what I need.

3. Interweave Knits magazine, Spring 2009! I've subscribed to this from USA, and i've been reading about it on other people's blogs for a while now, expecting it to turn up any day... and it finally has! I'm keen to add the Soap Bubble Wrap and the Zickzack tunic to my ever-growing queue.

Knitting update

I'm still working on the puppy jumpers, although sorry to say I haven't had a chance to do much more work on them since I last blogged about it. That's my plan for tomorrow - I hope to get the first girl one finished, and the boy one started.

Also, if you're in Wellington, the Cuba St Carnival starts tomorrow. This was going on just down the road from my office the other day:

Setting up the street with flags

If you're a knitter, there's stuff for us too - come along to the Bristol on Cuba Street and knit tree cozies! There is more information on this blog or in this Ravelry thread. They also have a Facebook group with some cool photos. Hope to see you there!

~Happy Knitting!~


2BSewing: said...

What a nice surprise! The new Knits mag looks very interesting. I also like the Soap Bubble Wrap. Thanks for the link...I was able to download the pattern (for future use). The instructions are incredible. Okay...I'll be ready for it in about 2 years from now. LOL!!!

Did you have a nice weekend? :)

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