Friday, January 09, 2009

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You may have noticed that I started a new blog a few days ago showing what books i'm reading - as one of my NY resolutions was to read more, and read more 'intellectual' books rather than just crime fiction, which I love. So far its been a bit crazy keeping track of two blogs, especially since that one won't be updated that often so I think its a bit of a waste of time. So, i'm going to move them into this blog so you can see! After all, this blog is Ballatrina's Knitting and other bits and bobs so I think it fits nicely under that. Here goes...

Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Started: mid-Dec-08
Finished: 4-Jan-09
I have read one of his books before which was really good, so when I saw this on one sale I thought, why not. Sadly, I didn't think it was as good as his other one. It started well, with victims being found in the first couple of pages and then the hunt to find the killer began, but after that it dragged along very slowly, with more and more suspects being introduced and still no closer to finding the killer - the suspects were very hard to keep track of because there were so many of them. 400 pages into the 500 page book, still no hints! I felt that it came to an abrupt halt once the murderer had been found.

I'm still a fan of the Delaware character, who is a psychologist who assists the police in cases like this, as it is interesting to see his clinical point of view on what happened.

Other People's Dirt
Author: Louise Rafkin
Started: 7-Jan-09
Finished: 7-Jan-09
Other People's Dirt This is officially the first book that I have read from cover to cover in one night!

In a search of biographies on the library computer this book jumped out at me, as i'm always interested in gossip and other people's lives, so the title struck me straight away :) This book is written by a lady who when she was little decided she wanted to be a CIA agent, but ended up being a housecleaner, and how this turned out to be about the same thing.

With chapters covering lots of topics from naked cleaners to joining a cleaning commune in Japan, its a very witty read that was hard to put down, and when I did, all I wanted to do was clean! It is a good insight into what its really like to be a cleaner, including tips on employers wanting to hire one.

I thought it was interesting that she also referred to 'Messies Anonymous' founder Sandra Felton, whose book I have also read, in an effort to understand how 'the other side' lived.

Overall a very worthwhile read :)

To come: Me and my Shadow - Living with MS, Cole Porter - A Biography, and Visions of Jazz by Gary Giddins.


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